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We believe that “everyone has the ability to heal until proven otherwise.” Experience has proven to us that medicine that supports and encourages the natural processes produces the best results. Our “Physicians of Natural and Physical Medicine” provide a unique highly effective combination of hands-on biomechanical chiropractic care along with the biochemical knowledge of naturopathic medicine. We believe in using whatever combination of interventions is best for each individual. Good health is a major factor in living a high quality life. Our sole priority at Natural Physicians is to help you live the high quality life we all strive for.

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2020 Patient Satisfaction Survey

David Milroy, DC, ND

Dr Milroy has really saved me. I was in a horrible horrible accident in March 2020. I can’t imagine where I would be without his help.

Dr. Milroy Is an exceptional doctor. He also has a remarkable ability to listen to what his patients are saying and try to get to the bottom of it. I feel so fortunate to have him in my corner because of all the other doctors I see he knows the most and researches the most and touches base with me consistently. He is truly a remarkable doctor and treats his patients with respect and consideration.

Dr. Milroy spends more time with his patients, than I have experienced with any other Doctor or Naturopath. He takes the time to research your condition and will explain in detail what your next steps should be in your treatment plan. I highly recommend him for help dealing with Thyroid conditions, especially when you have not had success with other more mainstream Doctors solutions.

This doctor is gifted, gets to the root of the problem, provides a simple solution that has an immediate impact, and best of all teaches you how to help yourself.

Always dialed in and helpful!

Dr. Milroy consistently gives sound, understandable advice. His recommendations have changed my life for the better. I have more energy and my cognition has improved as well. While I have been trying to get care through medical doctors, my condition was either ignored or treated with harsh drugs that literally made me sick. Dr. Milroy understands my difficulties and has recommended treatment that has proven to be effective. I consult him on all my health issues.

About Dr. Milroy at Natural Physicians

About Dr. MilroyThoughtful, precise and good-natured, David’s straight forward manner inspires a high level of trust from his patients. Born and raised on a small farm in Topeka, Kansas. He enjoys rock-climbing, research and cycling in his free time. David lives in West Linn, Oregon.

Our services at Natural Physicians.

Our ServicesNatural Physicians focuses on a detail oriented approach to your individual conditions. Whether it is chronic pain or a recent injury from a work or motor vehicle related incident, we offer a range of treatments to promote your overall well-being.

Hormones at Natural Physicians

HormonesThis is an area of focus in our clinic since it brings such impressive results in quality of life that can not be obtained with drugs or herbs. This is also a focus of our future research, specifically how it applies to the process of healing and aging.


Prolotherapy is a highly effective injection therapy that promotes the healing of ligaments, tendons, and joints. “Prolo” is short for proliferation which refers to the regeneration and growth of new tissue that is stimulated by the injections.