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Our clinic approaches aging as an alterable process that can be dramatically improved with some effort. This is all about quality of life. Medically, the word most synonymous with aging is “degenerative”. Degeneration is complex biochemical and biomechanical process that is different in each type of tissue. Individuals will experience this process differently, but there are many overlapping processes that can effectively be influenced. The “fountain of youth” though likely unobtainable, is still a goal in the back of our minds and desirable. Until obtained, there are several theories that we begin with: The sooner you begin the better the results. There is some point where all things are unfixable.

  • Prevention is complex and critical. Though a useful term, “prevention” typically refers to early detection of disease, which we feel is a less than ideal application when it comes to aging.
  • The natural processes of the body should first be maximized before applying required “anti” medicine, if needed.
  • Hormone replacement: all hormones must be respected, personalized, and maximized.
  • Blood vessels along with their flow of nutrients and waste are keys to the aging processes.
  • Pain or fatigue are not an inevitable part of the process and can almost always be addressed.
  • The fact that a caloric restricted diet, and what this truly entails, is the only proven meaningful “anti-aging” intervention can not be over looked.

Our clinic practices from the point of view that anti-aging medicine is what health care is all about. We are all in this one together. The single most important goal we have is to improve the quality of your life for as long as we can. This is much more than an advertising point for us. We have spent and continue to spend a great amount of our resources forwarding knowledge and application to this problem. This requires great attention to detail, on your part as well as ours. Remember your car is also degenerating and you likely spent resources to improve its quality of service to you. Your body is not much different. Though aging remains unavoidable, there have been some major insights accomplished in the recent years that dramatically impact your quality of life as you age.