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Chronic Infection

Chronic infections are much more common and insidious than most people realize. They are difficult to detect and usually even harder to treat, however they have an important impact on our health.

A chronic infection, by our definition, is the presence of a “bug” without the typical acute immune response that is affecting your health. We pay greater attention to this aspect of health when patients complain of infection like symptoms such as fatigue, joint pains all over, frequent chills and just a sense of “not feeling well.” Often, we will see that these patients have blood sugar problems but are not overweight and many times don’t have the family history of this problem. We also see patients with the diagnosis of “anxiety” dramatically improve with treatment of chronic infections.

This is an aspect of health that, at least from our point of view, is not adequately acknowledged or researched in the typical medical practice. Chronic infections are difficult to diagnosis from the typical testing. There is no definitive way to treat everything we do uncover in our testing, but we can improve your current quality of life and feel this is an important area to focus for future quality of life.