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Diabetes is serious and escalating problem in the world that likely affects us all in some way or another. There are many opinions regarding its origin and significance to your health. Our clinic is very passionate and well educated about normalizing blood sugar and addressing the many health issues associated with diabetes. Diabetes is an ever increasing issue that affects not only our patients and their families but also our own families.

Here at Natural Physicians, we refer to it as a “blood sugar problem” or more precisely an “insulin problem” and generally not diabetes. The diagnosis of diabetes is a very narrowly defined diagnosis. In our clinic, a blood sugar problem exists when a patient takes steps to improve this process and their short and long term quality of life and health significantly improves. This is a dramatically different approach than waiting for the two in office fasting blood glucose readings of 126 mg/dl or greater, which is the current definition of diabetes.

We believe that blood sugar dysregulation is a problem and should be treated long before the official criteria for diabetes is met. The important point we stress is that insulin and blood sugar control is a critical metabolic process naturally occurring in EVERY body to varying degrees of efficiency.

Why is balancing blood sugar (and more importantly insulin) essential? Because it affects every aspect of your life, is very common, is absolutely addressable, and is most likely the major contributing factor to what will kill you. We understand that this is a strong statement, however there is very good evidence that unregulated insulin levels are the underlying factor in cardiovascular disease, certainly diabetes as we are discussing here, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as cancer. Certainly eating a typical western, high processed food diet is currently killing your quality of life.

This area is a very important focus of our work here at Natural Physicians. To get an idea of the foundation of our thoughts we suggest you read the following books.

Diabetes Solution, The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars by Dr. Richard Bernstein

Why We Get Fat: and What to Do About It by Gary Taubes

Dr. Richard Bernstein, was one of the first to realize the significance of and the first to figure out how to obtain, normal blood sugars. Dr. Bernstein is a medical doctor and author with great integrity and knowledge, with whom Dr. Milroy has been privileged to work with over the years. His book is the main book we recommend for accurate information on this subject of diabetes.