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Diet is the thing everybody gives lip service to but not the real respect it deserves if done right. First of all it is not a diet but a life style change, that should be followed everyday not for a period of time.

Caloric restriction (CR) is the only diet shown to increase length of life and dramatically reduce most if not all chronic degenerative diseases. It is our experience and a statement by one of the most predominant CR researchers, that a low carbohydrate (CHO) diet is the beginning to CR. We actively promote a low CHO diet for quality of life and treatment of most conditions.

We have seen no evidence otherwise in the research, lab results or clinical results with patients. If you find quality research that this is not true please send it to us.

The low CHO diet is detailed by Dr Richard Bernstein in book “Diabetes Solution”. It is very likely that most of the health effects are directly related to balancing of the hormone insulin. CR research suggests it is the insulin receptor gene involved in the results they see in their research. Drug companies are currently looking for a drug to manipulate this process. We already have a cheap drug, the diet.

The diet is not easy or fun. But it does work and works well. If we say CR everybody, who knows what it means, say yes, but if you say low CHO everybody says Atkins, kidney failure, ketosis, and bacon that will kill you.

If you were offered a pill that lengthened life, dramatically decreased all your diseases, improved the quality of your life, had no scientifically researched downside and would save you money would you take it? Yes, until you found out it was a diet. The question becomes why not.