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Drugs are viewed by many as bad and evil. This is not a view we share or encourage in our patients. We would likely agree most drugs are commonly misused and other treatments are not even considered first or in combination with the smart drugs.

We consider a smart drug as a substance that gets to, the way best possible, the underlying cause of the condition being managed. Also it is all but required that it does this with very little damage or stress on the system as it does its job. Most of these drugs are mature and generic so we know a lot about them and they are cost effective as well. It is not a coincidence they are usually a natural substance or based on a natural substance and support the natural metabolism of the body.

Once all complicating factors or underlying conditions have been addressed, we search for smart drugs that improve quality of life.

The modern patient should spend some time thinking about why they would classify products into drugs or supplements (bad or good) and not substances that help them along a smart path to quality of life. It seems today that the idea of true quality of life is presented by drug companies and supplement gurus as so easily obtained if you just swallow their philosophy. It has been our experience that you will want as much help as you can get, from a truthful and trustworthy source so don’t eliminate them based on a vague generalization.