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Health Management

Health management is toughest job for doctors and patients seeking quality of life. This is because if you miss one major or sometimes minor component then there goes the quality of life. It is not just about a treatment or a diagnosis but much more broad and encompassing. If you are at the point of a significant diagnosis than something had likely been missed before, assuming you was under someone’s care. It is about prevention.

If you are looking for a doctor to provide a specific treatment or a particular disease doctor, isn’t this the job of your primary care provider to provide that guidance?

Quality primary care providers have the toughest job and can’t do it without a patient who wants to do their end of the work as well.

This requires dealing with gray questions and answers. Attempting things that may not work so they can be ruled out and then moving on to the next trial. It requires endless research and work on both ends and is just flat out work.

Everybody wants the magic bullet, but it is management with someone you trust.