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Heart Disease

Heart disease certainly affects quality of life and tops the list of causes of death in the US. The heart is somewhat unique because when it stops, life stops. However, it does not escape all the same degenerative (aging) processes that affect all the other tissues of the body. Our clinic does not claim that we specialize in cardiovascular disease. At Natural Physicians believe that it often takes a team looking at a particular issue so all the aspects can be reviewed, this is where the cardiologists we work with fit in.

What we do provide are unique ways of addressing the same degenerative processes that affect your heart as we do for the other organ systems of the body. This is the role of a comprehensive approach. “Cardiovascular” means heart and blood vessels. We first aim to prevent vessel degeneration before the heart is critically involved. If this is not obtainable then we will work with your cardiologist to ensure you are getting the best quality of life you can achieve.

We frequently see blood sugar problems and hormone imbalances as being critical to address in cardiovascular disease. We believe in the use of diet, nutrients, sometimes chelation, as well as smart drugs. We respect the role of statin drugs for cardiovascular health, but also see that they are commonly used without adequately addressing all the other pieces. We are looking at the patient as a complete person not just a specific issue, while aiming to help you achieve the quality of life you desire.