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Hormone Balancing

Hormone balancing is an alternative wording for attempting to maximize your endocrine health. The endocrine system or hormones control the body’s functions. In other words we want all your hormones to work the best they can. Seems simple but is much more difficult in practice.

Hormone imbalances are common and it is almost too broad a term to be useful. But using a more specific definition also has a down side in that we miss the big picture. This treatment is not disease diagnosis driven but quality of life focused.

Hormone problems we commonly address are insulin, vitamin D, thyroid, DHEA and the sex hormones including testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Less frequently we will balance cortisol problems. Though there are many other important hormones including growth hormone, heparin, DHT, and other metabolites along with cytokines, they are less common, more difficult to address directly and have a larger downside associated with treatment.

It is our view that insulin is the single the most important, overlooked, and under treated of them all. It is also has the most impact on health when addressed. But most patients, and doctors, don’t seem to want to embrace it likely because it involves diet changes and treatment is similar to treatment of diabetes.

This is such a complex subject that it gives it injustice to address in this form. We encourage you to do internet searches for peer reviewed published review articles on the specific hormones commonly addressed if you want meaningful information. Hormone replacement medicine is fairly immature, meaning less than 25 years old, and almost all of it has been focused on one hormone at a time and not at all on balancing. This is truly why you need a quality alternative doctor to help guide you along the way. Hormones work together not in isolation.

This is an area of focus in our clinic since it brings such impressive results in quality of life that can not be obtained with drugs or herbs. This is also a focus of our future research, specifically how it applies to the process of healing and aging.