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IV Therapy

IV is a medical abbreviation for intravenous, which means to be applied within the vein. IV therapy includes nutrients or drugs given directly into the vein. This approach gets around many of the short comings of other therapies including poor absorption and first pass elimination by the liver. The downside to IV therapy is it is relatively expensive, you must come into the office and fat soluble substances are difficult to work with.

An “IV” in our clinic refers to a unique combination of nutrients including B vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a saline solution. This is used to treat infections, fatigue, cancer recovery, severe muscle spasm and pain with amazing results. It is also applied to many other conditions as well. Most alternative doctors have their special formula for IV’s. Though we stick with our philosophy, if you are going to take the time, we are going to give you as much as we can safely.

There is very little research proving the validity of this therapy approach. Though our feelings are the clinical results when applied properly are obvious.

Chelation is also commonly given IV for toxicity.