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Miracle Ball Method

Miracle Ball Method is an “un-exercise” technique used to relieve pain, improve posture and reduce Stress. This technique is typically used at our clinic in conjunction with other therapies as a tool for patients in their healing process. It is also used to improve posture, manage chronic pain and just dealing with everyday stress.

This technique was created by Elaine Petrone after she experienced a debilitating accident which ended her dance career. As a result of relieving for her own pain, she developed her own method that combined old techniques from Germany. This method has been renowned in talk shows and popular magazines. You can learn more information on her website: www.elainepetrone.com

There are no known “contra-indications” to this technique, but we still recommend you schedule a personalized one-on-one training session with our certified Petrone Instructor, to get the maximum benefits. We feel fortunate at Natural Physicians to have the Northwest’s only 4 yr. certified Petrone Instructor on our team.