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Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) usually cause injuries to tissues similar to other traumatic forces, such as a fall, sports injury and work injury. The uniqueness is in the region or areas that are commonly injured as well as the depth or degree to which this tissue is damaged.

The spine and head are typically involved though to varying degrees, along with the knees, shoulders and wrists. The significance of brain trauma as well as the impact on hormonal status is frequently overlooked by doctors and patients alike. These are usually more than just “soft tissue injuries” that will heal on their own. We feel it is important that you seek care from doctors who focus in this area of care.

It is not uncommon for new patients to report how their health has been altered since an MVA that occurred years ago. These types of injuries can have significant impact on your quality of life, not only today but also in the long term, if not addressed properly. Suffering from frequent headaches can be life altering, especially if those headaches occur daily. This is absolutely not necessary if the original injury is respected and treated accordingly.