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Supplements is a term used to describe substances (assumed to be natural) that are over-the-counter and do not require a prescription. They are endless and are provided by an infinite number of suppliers that all claim they are the best and provide the best quality. We have been amazed over the years the time and resources we spent sorting through and researching in this area.

When you look at our inventory, which is small compared to most, you will notice it is dominated by a few products and very few suppliers, 3-5 at the most. They also change with time and our experience. We follow a few rules. First is quality must be proven not just stated. Second is simple or single active ingredients is best so we can adjust doses for each patient. Third is liquid is preferred. Last but not least is cost per gram of active ingredient.

We have never had a patient who likes taking pills. The solution we present is for you to come up with a better way of doing it. All we can ensure you is we don’t ask you to take something unless we truly feel it will make a difference in your quality of life, in the long run and that we haven’t found better quality cheaper.

We commonly hear the statement that if you eat well you don’t need supplements. This seems solid on the surface but we feel is absolutely false. Even if food was “perfect”, which it is not even close, and you eat the “perfect” diet your whole life and you had the “perfect genetics and metabolism” it would not negate that supplementing could improve your quality of life. The opposite is also true in that supplementing perfectly won’t cover up a poor diet choices.

Supplements are a tool or treatment that has a real place in your long term quality of life and can be done fairly cost effectively with effort.