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Thyroid Imbalance

Thyroid hormone problems are common and frequently misdiagnosed. It is our experience that the symptoms are noticed by the patient and the proper tests are done but are usually miss interpreted. Patients also frequently believe that their thyroid is the only cause of all their problems. Doctors just as frequently wait too long and have too strict a definition of what a thyroid problem is.

Our basic criteria is if we have ample evidence to suspect a problem and start therapy allowing you to improve and we then remove therapy and you get worse followed again by therapy with you improving, you have a thyroid problem. The labs if appropriately interpreted usually support the diagnosis. This gets more complex with auto-immune or infectious involement.

Hypothyroidism treatment frequently involves Cytomel, T3, along with assuring there are not other problems present. This is the most common cause of poor response to treatment. Our goal is to improve quality of life for as long as possible, not a strict diagnosis or a pretty lab report, even though this is usally obtained.