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Toxicity can be an important condition affecting the body. We see this issue overly emphasized by many and completely denied by others. We hear frequently that we are toxic or we need to detoxify. The statement we are all toxic is absolutely factual. It is not as factual to claim that we all are suffering poor health because of these substances. The fact is, we know very little about their impact on health, though most of what we do know is all bad.

Where does all this come from and how do we get rid of it? Research clearly shows that we all have substances in our bodies that we should not want, are likely doing us harm, and we would get rid of if we could. We also would not have chosen to put them into our bodies in the first place.

These substances are too many to list and the worst ones are likely the ones we don’t even know about. Heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and molds are the most visible and the most studied. The amalgam fillings in your teeth are a sure source of heavy metals. Non organic food is an obvious source of pesticides. Solvents are in most all the products you spray in the air, wash your clothes with and are even in the candles you burn. Molds? Don’t look too hard, because they are everywhere you spend your day.

The health problems they cause are likely numerous but vague. They affect nerves, organs, and metabolic processes in the whole body. Most toxic substances are usually concentrated in the fat of organs. We know for a fact that they increase blood pressure, causes brain, liver, and kidney damage and likely many other conditions that are from “unknown causes”.

It is also just as true to state that you can never get rid of all of the toxins once you’ve been exposed, and we all have certainly been exposed. Removing all of the toxins is physically impossible. Sometimes you can even make someone worse trying. That is not to suggest you shouldn’t be wise about the issue and take reasonable steps to improve it.

Is it wiser to have your kids leave their muddy shoes outside all the time or mop the floor three times a day? The answer is obvious and so this is how we approach toxicity. The first step is to stop putting the toxins in your body and remove them from your environment as much as possible. You can do this by:

  • Decrease exposure to pesticides: eat organic food, drink filtered water, use only natural pesticides around your house.
  • It is vital to make your home as solvent free as possible.
  • Have your dental fillings assessed by “someone who respects” the significance of the issue. If you want them addressed it would be very wise to see a doctor who also understands what to do before, during and after the procedures. This is critical since the most toxic thing you will likely ever do is have them removed. We have treated several patients whose health became overwhelmingly worse by doing this in an unwise manner. Though this is more aggressive it addresses a common daily source of exposure.

Now that you have done reasonable things to stop adding to your problems, it might be reasonable to have some of the old toxic load removed. “Cleanses” may be helpful, though they are typically not very effective. Chelation is likely the most effective way to “clean yourself out”. This could be part of an overall plan.