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Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just vanity, for many it is life or death. For most patients who come to our clinic, it is actually a sign of a serious underlying metabolic problem. Being told to eat less and exercise more is not helpful and is a sign that the person telling you this has a poor understanding of the process. To this point, we have successfully helped several athletes who exercise a great deal, watch their caloric intake yet still were overweight. This is NOT a disease of a lack of will power or ambition.

The approach at our clinic frequently includes a low carbohydrate diet – since insulin is the fat making hormone, other hormone balancing, nutrients, finding chronic infections and smart drugs. We feel that anybody with a weight problem, especially those with abdominal fat or a lack of muscle, should be assumed to have a blood sugar problem. Even though it is suggested by some doctors and television commercials, we do not find that cortisol is a common problem. As with every other condition we treat, you are viewed as a whole and we investigate for other problems.

The obstacles most frequently encountered is a reluctance to change lifestyle, specifically diet and also how to deal with cravings once you have changed your diet. We have no magic bullet or secret formula. We do not commonly use stimulants, because they are a poor long term solution. We typically don’t stress exercise, since once patients begin to feel better, they increase their activity without prodding. We have noted multiple techniques that will prompt weight loss that has plateaued.

We are not a weight loss clinic. We are a clinic that focuses on addressing underlying problems critical to your overall health and weight loss is a result of that process. We recommend the book, Why We Get Fat: and What to Do About It by Gary Taubes as an accurate and great resource, though just the first step. We are here to help you with this significant life style change.